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Setema Gali is a former professional athlete and Super Bowl Champion with the New England Patriots in the National Football League. During his college career, he was an All-Conference defensive end and team captain at Brigham Young University.

Since retiring from the NFL, Setema has built world-class businesses in the mortgage, real estate, and direct sales industries.

Setema has experienced first hand the highs and lows that test all those who aspire to greatness. From extreme success and abundance to market collapses and losing it all to rising again to even greater levels of wealth and freedom. This direct life experience has created Setema’s unique ability to instantly connect with people at the core of their purpose and inner drive.

As a high-performance coach, Setema has trained and worked with top influencers in the personal performance and business development fields and is currently one of the premier coaches in the world in the realm of power, business, relationships and most of all RESULTS.

He is the creator and leader of the Prosperity Revolution―a global movement of men and women who are ruthlessly committed to living powerfully and creating results that matter.

Most dear to his heart, Setema is married to his best friend and his greatest happiness in life comes from being a 5-star husband and 5-star daddy to his children. Website: ProRev Live Facebook:  Setema Gali Twitter:  @SetemaGali

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