Sarge & Frenzey | The Sarge Approved Podcast

The Sarge Approved Podcast is hosted by Sarge Carlson and Melissa Frenzey as the dynamic duo of podcasting from Minnesota, dontchya know?.  Alright, that’s not their real nicknames, but it is for this episode. Sarge and Frenzey share with us their story of learning about and shortly thereafter, embracing their passion for podcasting. Featuring a wide variety of guests, with a definitive lean towards comedians, they offer a fresh and uncensored take on the life stories and adventures of their guests.  Oh, and I’ve been on their show for an uncertified world record of 5 times! Their goal is not to simply have guests, but to establish a long term connection and friendships throughout their journey as well. Facebook: Sarge Approved Podcast

Spreaker: Sarge Approved Podcast

iTunes: Sarge Approved Podcast

Twitter: @sargeapproved



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