Natalie Dawson | Executive Vice President and Partner of Cardone Ventures

About The Episode

Natalie Dawson is an expert in developing people
and building scalable teams. She has interviewed,
hired, trained, and led thousands of employees over
the course of her career, most recently as Executive
Vice President and Partner of Cardone Ventures, a
management consulting, joint ventures, and private
equity firm that helps business owners achieve their
personal, professional, and financial goals through
the growth of their business. Her specialty lies in
aligning employees with business objectives—for
measurable returns on investment.

Having attended the London School of
Economics, Natalie uses her unique blend of
operational and financial skill sets to oversee
eight-figure operating budgets by inspiring and
aligning the people who drive them.


LinkedIn: /in/thenataliedawson/

Instagram:  @natalieworkman

Facebook: @natalieworkman

Twitter:  @natalieworkman

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