Alissa Locke | Your Net Worth Does not Define Your Self-Worth

About The Episode

As a Financial Coach, I help people understand WHY they do, WHAT they do with their money, which is key to changing their relationship and behavior with money. I talk about understanding your own money story and money personality and how these impact your behavior. Then I share the specific tactics I used that allowed me to go from confused to confident with my money! I share how to pay off debt faster, how to create and stick to a budget that respects how you want to live and how to build a strong financial foundation.

Alissa went from being a divorced and broke single mom in her 30s to being financially able to retire in her early 50s! Her financial transformation happened because she mastered both her mindset and behavior with money. She’s now part of the Financial Coaching team of Money Mentor Group, which helps people understand their money mindset,  pay off debt, create a budget that respects how they want to live, and become financially confident.

In addition to being a certified Money Coach, Alissa is a certified Financial Literacy Educator. She is a sought after speaker on podcasts, for conferences and workshops.

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