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Hosted by #1 Amazon best selling author, speaker and self titled comedian, Larry Roberts, Readily Random is the show that features a RANDOM selection of interesting and insightful interviews with Motivators, Entrepreneurs, Survivors, Authors, Athletes, Podcasters and More!
The goal is to READILY remind each listener through stories of success, recovery, and inspiration that you too can be larger than life!

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10 Minutes In – Vices

By Readily Random | November 7, 2019
Day 7 of #NaPodPoMo brings a close to the first week of the challenge, and it was one fast week! Today, I introduce everyone to my vices.  They're no where near as bad as Google would make you think a vice is, but I'm alright with that. Read More

10 Minutes In – Affirmations

By Readily Random | November 6, 2019
It's day 6 of #NaPodPoMo and we talk about the joys of weightloss followed by the use of affirmations to keep us focused on our goals. Read More

10 Minutes In – What’s in that Chicken?

By Readily Random | November 5, 2019
#NaPodPoMo Day 5! This episode we talk about my favorite dog, chicken toothpaste and that crazy chicken sandwich from Popeye's!! I need YOUR help coming up with topics that we can discuss in future episodes of 10 Minutes In!  Drop me a line at with suggestions! Read More

10 Minutes In – Monthly Awareness

By Readily Random | November 4, 2019
Day 4 of #NaPodPoMo gets going with a little small talk about the miniature demons we call wasps. We talk Jack Ryan and then... All of the Awareness you can possibly be aware of for the month of November! Oh, and we go just a little long on this one. 😉 Read More

10 Minutes In – Oops, My Bad

By Readily Random | November 3, 2019
This episode of 10 Minutes in gets down and dirty with the feels.  I make a confession of something that I haven't ever expressed.  Sure, it's something new, but it's something that was caused by my own arrogance and I made a critical mistake.  Since our mistakes do not need to define us, and we… Read More

10 Minutes In…No Regerts

By Readily Random | November 2, 2019
Here we are with 10 Minutes in and #NaPodPoMo day 2!   This episode is all about not having regerts, oh, regrets! Plus, I touch base on other day specific topics like Día de Muertos! Read More

10 Minutes In – Gut Check

By Readily Random | November 2, 2019
This is the first episode of 10 Minutes In, where I get 10 minutes in on Facebook LIVE and then publish it as a part of #NaPodPoMo or National Podcast Post Month!  I've also launched it as a brand new show all on it's own!  So, be sure to subscribe to that show once it's… Read More

Brent Basham | Making Genuine Connections

By Readily Random | October 29, 2019
Back in 2014 during work conversations, Brent Basham found his interest in tech colliding with being a dad when he would talk with his colleague and friend Andrew Currie. In the tech space, they found themselves discussing how different things were for this generation’s little digital natives. It also occurred to them that this was… Read More

Heath Armstrong | Listen to your Heart, not your Brain! (At least most of the time)

By Readily Random | October 21, 2019
I first learned of Heath Armstrong thanks to his “Sweet Ass Domination Deck”.  An Unfiltered, Motivational Affirmation Deck of Cards to Brighten Your Bad Day in 10 Seconds or Less.For awhile, it seemed like the universe was going out of it’s way to prevent us from catching up with each other.  We had tried putting… Read More
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