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For nearly three decades, Mike Koenigs has been educating, entertaining, and inspiring business owners, entrepreneurs, and executives. As a serial entrepreneur, angel investor, judge on Entrepreneur.com’s Elevator Pitch TV show, and 13-time bestselling author, Mike is passionate about helping his clients build their platforms and amplify their message.

He expertly helps turn his clients into sought after thought-leaders, authorities, and celebrity influencers. A regular contributor to Entrepreneur and Forbes, Mike has consulted and advised celebrity clients, billionaires, and bestselling authors including Tony Robbins, Paula Abdul, Richard Dreyfuss, and Jordan Belfort (The Wolf of Wall Street).

Mike is known for being a media master who knows how to help his international clients get attention, create premium brands, and achieve elevated status in days. Mike has successfully built and exited five companies, selling two to publicly traded companies. His unique style empowers and entertains audiences while giving them the tools and strategies they need to get seen and heard.

In addition to helping his clients build and grow successful, sustainable brands and businesses with premium offers, Mike is the co-host of the Capability Amplifier podcast with Strategic Coach founder, Dan Sullivan and The Big Leap podcast with NYT bestselling author, Gay Hendricks.

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