Who Is Larry Roberts?

As seen on stage at Podfest, featured in Podcast Magazine, and in Podcast Movement University

Best described as a high-energy and charismatic podcaster, keynote speaker, best-selling author, and international top-rated course creator with over 1500 students in 51 countries, Larry Roberts has been in coaching and facilitator roles for more than 25 years from corporate environments to teaching martial arts to online course creation.

Over the last several years, he has grown to be one of the most highly sought-after podcasting coaches and content creators in the industry. Recently named to Podcast Magazine’s Top 40 Over 40, Larry is also the editor-in-chief of one of the largest podcast industry newsletters, The Podfest Messenger. You can find him regularly speaking at industry events, participating in industry panels and appearing on other podcasts.

While blessed with these opportunities in recent years, it was all very close to never happening.

“Get help today, or tomorrow isn’t going to happen”

November 14, 2013, Larry sat on his couch after a solid two-week bender crying and watching a tragic scene in one of his favorite movies over and over again when something spoke to him and said “Get help today, or tomorrow isn’t going to happen”. He had already been in the hospital earlier that year for alcohol poisoning and this time he was even beyond his initial “rock bottom moment”. In this moment of clarity, Larry reached out to a best friend and told him, “I need help, or I’m going to die.”

Larry woke up several days later in the hospital in McKinney after being admitted to the Enterhealth Ranch in Van Alstyne in very unstable condition. They were unable to stabilize his vitals, and after several failed efforts, an ambulance was called.

After being rehydrated and somewhat stabilized over the course of three days, Larry was sent back to Enterhealth where he continued recovery in their detox wing for roughly a week. The following 6 weeks were spent getting sober while going through their program. Larry has now been sober 8 years amongst becoming a successful podcaster, content creator, and entrepreneur.

Though sober, Larry had caused significant damage to his nervous system and as a result, was in constant pain, even to the point of walking with a cane for more than a year.

“I’ve still got work to do, and it’s been a much larger struggle than I ever imagined, but I’m finally starting to feel like the original Larry Roberts once again.”

To combat this chronic pain, he was on a non-opioid cocktail of medications, which at one point was up to 32 pills a day. It took several years to slowly make progress towards getting the pain under control, but a side effect of the medication and inactivity led to a tremendous amount of weight gain, his peak reaching 326lbs.

After leaving a 21-year corporate career on January 4th of 2021, Larry managed to take himself off ALL of the medications and as of writing this on 12/18/21, is down 82lbs to 244lbs.

The Story

How It All Started

“I wasn’t convinced this new media called a podcast was going to be something that interested me, but I gave it a listen as a favor to a friend of mine.”

Immediately blown away at this versatile, innovative, wild west of a medium, Larry quickly became obsessed with learning how to start his own show. Before he knew what happened, his first podcast episode with a local comedian and family friend as a co-host was launched.

The show was a hit on a variety of platforms, from the podcast to online radio with Deep Ellum onAir, to a live stage show at Hat Tricks in Lewisville. To this day Hat Tricks continues to host one of the largest comedy open mics outside of a comedy club in the metroplex, and it all spawned from that original show.

“I was determined to make it work, so I doubled down on the name and founded Readily Random Media, LLC which is the company that I own and operate today.”

  The show featured a random selection of guests covering a wide variety of topics that Larry found interesting. The issue was that it didn’t speak to a particular audience, so he struggled to find listeners and get those coveted downloads that are critical to the success of any podcast.

Over the next several years, the podcast has continued to evolve and has found its place in the top 1.5% of all podcasts with a focus on entrepreneurship and self-mastery. With this focus, Larry recently rebranded the podcast from Readily Random with Larry Roberts to You’re the Boss.