Larry Roberts | Best Selling Author Interview by Laura Petersen

Best Selling Author Laura Petersen hosts best selling author, yours truly as we discuss the adventure we had during the writing process of our latest literary works as well as the sales process.  

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How does it feel to be a number one best seller? 

It feels awesome.  Three time.  Not just one, three time number one bestseller. All three categories all in one day, The Trifecta. All thanks to you. No seriously. All thanks to you and the wonderful class you put on. You know there were times was like damn, I don’t know that I could pull this off. I don’t think I can, you know especially when dealing with the formatting of the book and all that good stuff. With your help I pulled it off. So, thank you. I’ve got to watch it, I’m going to get emotional here in a second. May start crying.

Go on, do it for me.

No I’m. I am I’m a softie inside. So it’s it’s very difficult to process this. So, but it’s exciting and you’re number one too right? …

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