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Katie Brinkley is the owner of a boutique social media marketing agency in Littleton, CO. tucked ever so nicely just outside of Denver.

Katie has always been involved in social media in some fashion…afterall, it is her dream job.  

Landing her dream job is something that seems to come quite naturally to Katie.  Straight out of college, she landed her first dream job as a sports reporter for one of the top radio stations in Denver.  Not only did she get to pursue her journalistic adventures, she was able get front row seats to every sporting event in the area!  How cool was that?

After a few years as a flight attendant, a job she landed somewhat on accident, she landed her second dream job…she was now a marketing manager for a massive media company in charge of social media, script writing and event planning.  But, mergers and acquisitions brought an end to this chapter of her dream jobs as well.

Now, Katie finds herself living out her passion for media as a freelance social media expert.  Katie’s company, Next Step Social Communications provides a variety of services from training and coaching entrepreneurs on the finer points of social media, to full blown, done for you social media management.  

I met Katie on the hottest app in the Apple App Store right now, Clubhouse.  In this episode, we talk all things Clubhouse, from ways to get noticed in rooms, to building a genuine following to leveraging the app for your business.  If you are an avid user of Clubhouse, you owe it to yourself to learn from one of the best in the business.  Katie Brinkley is just that person!

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