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Kathi Sharpe-Ross is the author of RE:INVENT YOUR LIFE! WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? (Amazon) She is the president of THE SHARPE ALLIANCE, and a brand and lifestyle marketing guru who’s made a living out of shaping and advising corporations and brands on how to forge their path in the world. Kathi has inspired and accelerated the growth of global companies, events and personalities across a multitude of industries. Her intuitive and motivational personality was the catalyst to creating The Reinvention Exchange – as the hub for all things “life reinvention” – inspirational anecdotes, quotes, shared experiences and motivation for people at all stages in their lives that need to be reminded that they can also live Larger than Life!

Kathi is a motivational speaker, a regularly interviewed for podcasts and radio and is currently developing a TV/Content platform.  She has blogged for the Huffington Post, posts motivational content on social media on a regular basis and has created an inspired community to live life to its fullest on the weekly RE:INVENTION Virtual Chats on Zoom Live.

As owner and founder of THE SHARPE ALLIANCE with over 30 years representing corporate and entertainment brands. With extensive expertise building businesses and brands through marketing, sponsorship, PR, branded entertainment, new media and social initiatives, strategic and tactical campaign development, event production, merchandise and licensing, retail promotion, she’s helped build personalities, brands and businesses from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies.

She is joyfully married to her high school sweetheart and is the mother of two fabulous grown boys. Her passions are friends, travel, food, art, culture and living life to its fullest.

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