By the end of 2008, Karen was done. The wicked darkness that consumed her soul fed the bottomless pit of emptiness that she’d felt her entire life. The only way to stop the bleeding of wretched blackness was to kill herself…

Karen Love Lee was born depressed, which went undiagnosed by every counselor and  therapist she desperately sought help from.

“Untreated depression is the number one cause of suicide.” — Suicide.org

From a very young age, Karen knew death was inevitable, so why bother suffering through life until then? Futility and hopelessness were her co-conspirators, faithfully accompanying her throughout her journey of pointlessness….

With the “Death Card” in her little-girl hip pocket, suicidal tendencies were unconsciously fated. We can’t prevent what we cannot see….Decades later, unknowingly this would become her #BestKeptSecret to healing, happiness, and best of all #SelfLove!

Uncovering the root cause of our hidden disempowering belief systems, is the pinnacle source of #LifelongSelfFreedom. We cannot heal what we don’t know is broken.

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