You may have heard of TikTok, you may have even seen a clip or two from TikTok, but you’re still not exactly sure what all the fuss is about.  Currently, the total number of users on TikTok is well over half a billion; although, user ages do tend to skew in the mid-twenties and below.

Fear not fellow entrepreneurs who are no longer in that demo!  TikTok isn’t just for kids any longer!

This week’s guest, Jon Dewitt is what you would call an EPIC TikTok user!  With over 5.2 million likes and just shy of 300k followers, @mrepicdb is going to help us understand what it is about TikTok that currently has it growing faster than any other social media app and how you can take advantage of it’s rapid growth no matter what age you are!

You can find Jon on multiple social media sites as @mrepicdb

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