Jaime Slutzky | Simplifying the Tech of Business

When you want more than anything to make tech accessible to self-proclaimed non-techie folks, you put that passion at the forefront of every strategic move you make.

It is with this in mind that Jaime Slutzky’s Tech of Business podcast was created. Her show presents business owners from a variety of backgrounds, in many industries (and most of them would not even be considered tech-based!) in an effort to help you weave the best tech solutions into your business.

It is in Jaime’s DNA to match business owners with the right tech tools to propel you to the next stage of your business. Whether it’s developing the correct tech strategy, online course creation or preparing tech summits for your clients, The Tech of Business is Jaime’s way of helping you learn about tech that may be the exact right thing for the next stage of growth in your business.

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Twitter: @techofbusiness

Facebook: @yourbiztech

Website: techofbusiness.com

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