Heidi Le | Confessions of the Broken

Heidi Le is a singer, songwriter, and author who shares the message of hope, healing, and recovery in transformational spaces. As an author and speaker, she creates “me too” moments, assuring those who are feeling discouraged by the pain of addiction, codependency, depression and hopelessness that they are not alone. No one is ever too far-gone to be scooped up by the loving hand of God and healed. We only need the willingness and humility to say,” Yes.”  Through vulnerability, authenticity, and a little humor, Heidi creates a safe place to embrace our brokenness, and begin to walk into the healing process, filled with hope and courage for the journey toward freedom. As a singer/songwriter, you’ll find her lyrics and vocals soften the walls that keep us guarded . . even from the healing we so desperately need. Music has a way of reaching places in our hearts where words alone often fail. Heidi soulfully weaves music into her messages whenever possible so that each heart can be met at the point of their greatest need. Website: Heidi Le Music Facebook:  Heidi Le Music Youtube:  Heidi Le Music

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