Ever Gonzalez is the Founder of OutlierHQ, a media and events company that provides resources to help entrepreneurs start, grow, and scale their businesses. He is also the host of Outlier On Air, a weekly podcast that interviews Founders, Disrupters, and Mavens. Constantly evolving to meet the needs of his listeners, Ever has transitioned from putting on the Outlier Podcast Festival as a live, in person event to a live virtual festival!  The line up is still made up of some of the biggest names in the business as well as some of the most recognized indie podcasters that have been making major waves! Ever and I talk about everything podcasting in this episode, from common mistakes made by new podcasters to the evolution of a podcaster to an eventual podcast thought leader.  We talk our wins as well as some of our most embarrassing losses in this fun, fast paced episode. To learn more about the Outlier Podcast Festival happening next week, go to http://outlierpodfest.com/ You can also learn more about Ever at https://www.outlierhq.com/ You can also find more information on the social media platform of your choice!

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