Emily Coffman is the host of Girls Gone Healthy Podcast.

Emily developed an amazing idea for a podcast when she realized how many girls, just like herself were struggling when it came to working out, eating right, and feeling confident in their body.  Our bodies are constantly changing and fluctuating and no one has taught us how to adapt to these changes. Instead they tell us to burn more calories and try the new latest diet. – Emily Coffman

Emily was a Division 1 athlete at the University of Oklahoma and honestly, living a very unhealthy lifestyle.  She thought she was healthy because she was constantly active and could eat whatever she wanted without gaining weight.  (I remember those days too!) But truth is, Emily didn’t know how to train without over working herself or how to properly fuel her body.

Emily’s podcast is her way of bringing affordable (it’s free!) and accessible health and fitness information to everyone.  In this episode, we hear from her as she guides us through her journey of a girl gone healthy!

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