Dr. Sean Pastuch | Active Life RX – Getting Better by Being Active!

Sean Pastuch is in that minority of people who actually make the Earth spin the way it does.  He’s not someone that would be considered a passive contributor, but as a relentless, forward-thinking agent for change.  Sean’s ambitions to be considered to be the Steve Jobs of Musculoskeletal health.  He is on a mission to change the way people understand their pain and the ability to get out of it.  This is one of the primary reasons I wanted to have him on the show. Living a life of chronic pain is no fun and if he can help me, I’m confident that he can help anyone!Dr. Pastuch is a force of nature, but what’s more important is that he wants you and I to know that each and everyone of us can be as well!You can find out even more about him at https://activeliferx.com as well as his accounts on Facebook and Instagram at @activeliferx.

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