Dr. Ryan Knight is a licensed Chiropractor serving the Denison, TX community; a place he has called home his entire life.

Being born in Denison, attending elementary all the way through high school in both Denison & Sherman, coming back home to practice affords Dr. Knight the honor of treating friends, family, former teachers, classmates, neighbors as well as new friends and faces.

Dr. Knight attended undergraduate at Dallas Baptist University and then went onto Parker College of Chiropractic where he earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Anatomy/Physiology as well as his Doctorate of Chiropractic (1994).

As a Chiropractor with over 24 years of experience, Dr. Knights philosophy of never losing is one that many of us could learn from.  As a coach that specializes in married men and entrepreneurs, he is a true believer you either succeed, or your learn, but you never lose.

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