Dalin Cottle | Digital Marketing Expert, Entrepreneur, Owner of ROAR Media

“Dallin is a POWERHOUSE. He’s one of the hardest working guys I’ve ever known. On top of that he has an impenetrable fortress of optimism. Even when a situation looks FUBAR he always finds the silver lining, and most importantly, finds a way to make a tough situation into something positively PROFITABLE. If you have an opportunity to work with Dallin in ANY capacity, jump on it!”

Dallin Cottle is the founder of ROAR Media, a digital marketing agency specializing in high velocity marketing. Dallin ditched his safe corporate marketing job and started his entrepreneurial journey in a little condo using expo markers on a window as his whiteboard. Since then he has grown ROAR Media from one plucky guy with a baby in one arm and his cell phone in the other, to a multifaceted, high-velocity Digital Marketing Agency attracting clients such as the US Air Force.

ROAR offers the standard agency services that help businesses grow, but what sets them apart is ROAR Academy where Dallin teaches entrepreneurs everything they need to know to grow their business through digital marketing. His passion for working with entrepreneurs that are just starting out and helping them grow makes him unique within the digital marketing space. 

Dallin is never satisfied with the status quo and pushes himself and others to their limits to create positive transformation for his family, businesses, country, and his faith. His goal is to help business leaders grow their brands using digital marketing and build a better future for all through entrepreneurial pursuits.


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