Clubhouse Gear

Sound like a Pro in Clubhouse!

Clubhouse: Drop in Audio Chat is the hottest social media app in the app store right now and everyone is doing their best to leverage the power of the app for their brand and their voice.  

The problem is, many people do not know how to make their voice on Clubhouse sound any better than it would if they were simply carrying on a telephone conversation.  While you do not need to go to some great extent to sound professional in order to provide value on a platform like Clubhouse, if audio is part of your brand, you will most likely want to do what is necessary to sound as professional as possible.

People ask me on a regular basis what I use to produce the professional sounding audio that I bring to each room I’m in on the app and that is what inspired me to put together this page for the website.  While the setup is on the high end of the equipment spectrum, it is exactly what I use.

Full disclosure, you can easily change out the microphone for something like a Samsun Q2U or an Audio-Technica ATR2100x and completely eliminate the Cloudlifter, this will save you several hundred dollars.  But, you will still need to go with an XLR mic and you will also still need the Rodecaster Pro or a Zoom Podtrack P8 to allow you to run your TRRS cable directly to the dongle and into your phone.  

For those that may be more technically inclined, yes, there are additional ways to go about this that will cost even less.  But, they require a broader understanding of inputs, outputs, interfaces and a tricky little setup called a mix-minus, but that is for another article entirely.  

Please feel free to reach out to me at with any questions or concerns that you may have.