The social media landscape is ever-evolving with new platforms trying to break through to the masses all of the time.  One of the newest platforms that has already gained considerable traction that you may be missing out on is TikTok. It’s previous iteration was known as and was a major hit with the younger crowds.  Then it was sold, changed up a bit and rebranded as TikTok.  Now it’s gaining traction at a tremendous pace and it’s not just for the kids anymore either! Chris LeBlanc was introduced to the app by his daughter and he has since gone on to leverage the platform to collaborate with artist like hip hop elite Little John and many others.  This is the perfect time to learn more than just the basics, and gain an understanding of what it takes to get the attention that you’re looking for even if you’re not a teenager dancing to the latest hot dance song, or a sculptor crafting their latest masterpiece! You can find Chris on TikTok and other social media platforms under the moniker, @moneytoks.  Be sure and follow him on your platform of choice.

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