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10 Minutes In – I am Spartacus!

Who wants to live until they're 103?  Not this guy, that's for sure!  I had a bit of a case of the gigglies today, so maybe you will too.  We cover Kirk Douglas as Spartacus to the new Ghostbusters trailer then we go from powdered hair to Ralph Cramdan!  Who? One of these days you…Read More

10 Minutes In – Chop Socky

I made the mistake last night of commenting on a post online regarding the upcoming new Marvel movie, Shang-Chi.  I commented that although I don't believe it will change the world, it should be a fun "chop socky" flick.  Within seconds, my comment was flooded with replies crying racism at my reference.  Is "chop socky"…Read More

10 Minutes In – Smove Operator

It's a lazy Saturday episode where I test some new features of the streaming software widgets, and we talk about all things stupid.  We talk stupid Facebook widgets, stupid Facebook app on iPhone and a stupid gimbal I bought for my GoPro and Phone. Don't worry about passing an IQ test on this episode, the…Read More

Kat McLead & Dana Pharant | Pinpoint Your Badass Niche

Two of the baddest women on the planet have teamed up for a one of a kind business bootcamp that will help you identify your strengths, monetize what you love to do and bring pleasure into your business! Kat McLead and Dana Pharant are both friends of the podcast and previous guests, with Kat having…Read More

10 Minutes In – Red Lobster

It's an end of the year Friday countdown, only a few more to get your shoppin in!  I share my latest pissing off of the wife and reminisce of those classic Christmas shoppin dinners at good ol' Red Lobster!   Hey, pass me that shrimp scampi.  Let's eat!Read More

10 Minutes In – Curveball

Well, this episode is aptly named considering we were thrown a curveball only minutes before we went live.  Granted, it was beyond our control, but it's all good.  We'll catch up with Heather Vickery in the very near future. So, we end up going down a path that was completely unintentional, yet alot of fun…Read More

10 Minutes In – Phishing

What the heck is phishing and why are you telling us about anyway?  Well, it just may save you time, frustration and even some cash!  I test out the new mic and re-enter the FB Live world directly instead of streaming.  So, jump on in...the stream is a flowin'!Read More

James Beshara | Supercharge your Day with Nootropics

An angel investor, founder, podcaster, author, and general startup-helper from Texas, James Beshara lives in San Francisco with his wife, daughter, and hilarious dachshund, Mr. Wendell. Inc, Forbes, and Time Magazine have included James in their “30 Under 30” lists, and over the years, he has been featured in The NY Times, Forbes, CNN, Bloomberg,…Read More

10 Minutes In – Streamin

On this episode we try something new.  Instead of "going live" on Facebook, we stream the show to Facebook.  It makes for much more visually appealing video and the audio is top notch too!  So, give it a listen and let me know your thoughts.  Does it sound better to you, or did the previous…Read More

10 Minutes In – Hush that Fuss

It's the first day of the last month of the decade!  How's that for a sobering opener?  We take a glimpse at the past decade and look forward to the upcoming 10 years.  What will the next decade look like for you? We look back at this day in history, which saw Rosa Parks refuse…Read More
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