Alex McClafferty | The CEO Coach

In 2013, Alex McClafferty co-founded WP Curve, a company that was established to build, maintain and streamline WordPress websites.  At the time, it was doing less than $500 per month in revenue.  Within two years, Alex and his partner had grown the business to a 7-figure run rate. Shortly after that, Alex ran the sell-side of their acquisition by GoDaddy. In 2018, he left GoDaddy to pursue his passion as a CEO Coach of owners and CEO’s of fast-growing online businesses.  In this role, Alex answers questions like…

‣ As a CEO, where should I be spending my time?

‣ What are the key hires I should make as my business scales?

‣ How do I double my team’s productivity without burning them out?

‣ What is the next customer acquisition channel I should pursue?

‣ How do I maximize the value of my company for an acquisition?

You can learn more about Alex on his website


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