A Podcast, What’s the Point?

What’s the Point?

Picture this, unless you’re living it, then you may already be able to relate…

You heard the news that podcasting is the latest and greatest thing since spray on hair (yes, it’s real), and you jumped on the bandwagon.  Now, you find yourself with a microphone, a recording device and a fancy set of headphones but you’re left scratching your head asking how do I use this stuff to truly make an impact?

Let’s take a closer look at this spectacular medium that provides benefits that no other form of media can provide.

A podcast can serve a multitude of purposes, and you must have a clear understanding of what that purpose is for your show.

Define the Goal of your Podcast

First and foremost, I can’t stress enough that your podcast should be a labor of love; a creative outlet that lets you share your message, express your feelings and set yourself apart from others in your niche or that share similar interests.

However, it’s important to note that any delusions of grandeur will quickly be met with a sobering dose of reality.  Podcasting is still a very open platform with massive room for growth, but with hundreds if not thousands of new podcasts launching daily, it can be challenging to get the attention you need to have a successful show.

One of the easiest ways to do this is to make sure you stay true to yourself, maintain your message and provide the best show that you can on a consistent basis.

Ease of Content consumption

The ease of consumption and portable nature of the content is one of the greatest assets of a podcast.  It takes minimal effort for a user to subscribe to a show. Which, thanks to your RSS or Really Simple Syndication Feed, provides dynamic and instant access to new episodes on each of your subscribers devices, and then listen to at their convenience.  Plus, they’re free.

Where else can someone get educated, entertained or motivated and it not cost a penny?

Podcasts conveniently do not require a listener’s undivided attention.  They can listen while commuting, while at work, while working out or even while simply relaxing.

In addition to being free content, podcasts can be downloaded on just about any device from a phone, PC and even a smart TV!  Did you know that you can even ask Alexa to play a podcast for you?

That being said, a mobile device or tablet is still the primary means of consumption at a massive 69% of all devices.

Increase Connections and Influence with your Audience

A podcast can create an opportunity to connect with other influencers and leaders in your niche, hobby or industry.  This connection is not only an awesome opportunity for your listeners, but it also validates you as someone who is also an expert in their field.

With appearances by established experts in your industry, you will be able to have insightful conversations with people you normally would never get to meet, much less talk to while gaining influence with your audience.  This level of credibility is specifically achieved thanks to your podcast and the connections you are able to make because of it.

This is an immeasurable benefit if you are selling a product, or promoting a service.  Ask yourself, are you more likely to purchase something from someone you know and have confidence in, or a stranger?  Have you ever made a buying decision solely on a relationship with the seller?

A podcast provides an excellent opportunity for small business owners and subject-matter experts alike to demonstrate a desire to build credibility while maintaining a consistent and reliable audience.  This audience will not only look forward to your next episode but may convert to a client as well.

Create a Community or a Group of followers on Social Media

It’s common knowledge that networking is essential to our success. One of the best ways to elevate your career, build relationships with industry influencers, and grow an online audience is through podcasting.  One of the ways you can do this is by creating a group or a community of like minded individuals that want to mimic your success.

Facebook is an excellent platform for creating these environments.  You can set up a group page for your community that allows members to collaborate with others that are in the group.  This makes for a great melting pot of ideas and conversations that allows everyone to grow together in their own similar, but unique journey.

This has become much easier to do thanks to the recent push by Facebook towards groups.

Free Advertising through Social Proof

A podcast is the perfect vehicle for promoting your business.  With today’s aggressive online marketing strategies, a well done podcast may be exactly what you need to stand out from the crowd and create social proof of your expertise.

Social Proof is a term that you will hear in most marketing circles.  This proof comes in a number of formats ranging from articles featuring you, reviews of your podcast or you as a host, you appearing on other podcasts and discussing your area of expertise and of course, having a podcast of your own.

Having a podcast automatically demonstrates that your dedication to your craft and your profession is something that you take seriously and that you are committed to growing and actively participating in.

Now, if you create an exceptional podcast that ends up ranking in your podcast category or subcategory, or better still, the overall iTunes top 200, then your Social Proof just went to the next level!

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